About Us

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting this About page.

As the position of a housewife, there are a lot of time for use to think, design and making delicious food for our family during the day, right? However, day by day, the creative and passion to do the same thing for too long time has gone. We love our family, there is no doubt about this fact, but making good food and doing it day by day need a lot of efforts and encouragement from outside features.

As my personal experience of cooking, there are a lot of things that you can learn when you have free time to grow and rise your love with cooking. Each cuisine have different methods to cook the food, and the way to work with the same type of ingredient are different too.

After a while, I finally find a way to solve this problem is this site, cuisinestudy.com, where I can share my recipes, learning new cuisines from others and looking for new friends having the same interests.

In the home page of this site, you can find my recipes of home cooking, which I have saved for years and be loved by may family and firends. In addition, there are some cooking tips in the kitchen in order to help you handle some tough ingredient such as how to  pear a glove of garlic fast, how to remove flesh off a whole fish fast, cooking in different cuisine such as French with toast and cassoulet, Italian with pasta and risotto, and my favorite cuisines are Italian and Japanese.

Above all of those thing, this is the place for me to connect with you who are looking for a simple, easy to cook and tasty recipe, welcome to my cooking site. I hope that you will find what you need here. Wish the best for you, love you all.