10 Cleaning Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Cleaning Up The Kitchen


Cleaning up the kitchen is certainly a challenging endeavor. Regardless of how many years you are doing this on your own, it still remains one of the most overwhelming cleaning tasks in your home. Here are 10 things that you are probably doing wrong when you clean your kitchen.

1. You Overlook Your Knobs and Handles

This is something that a lot of people are doing. Keep in mind that your handles are the most used areas in the kitchen. This is going to result in faster pollution and you need to lay a lot of attention on these. This is absolutely important if you are to ensure a crystal clear kitchen.

2. You skip cleaning your sink

Cleaning the kitchen sink is something that a lot of people avoid doing because they believe that once they treat their plates with detergent it’s going affect the kitchen as well. However, you need to make sure that you use proper detergents that are going to prevent complications with your coils and hoses.


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3. You don’t pay attention to your coffee maker

If you have a coffee maker, it’s probably one of the things you are pretty lenient towards. Well, the truth is that if you fail at cleaning it regularly you are likely to experience a lot of complications in the long term. You are going to get it jammed with coffee and cleaning it then would be a lot harder than if rinse it every time you use it.

4. You don’t take proper care of the garbage disposal

If you have a working and functioning garbage disposal you need to make sure that you are cleaning it up regularly. Failing to do so might result in the accumulation of potentially dangerous bacteria and that’s definitely something that you don’t want in your kitchen. Make sure to clean it at least once or twice a week.

take proper care of the garbage disposal

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5. You put sharp knives in the dishwasher

This is something that’s particularly inappropriate for the knife. Each time your washing machine works it’s going to dull the edge of the knife, rendering it more and more useless. Eventually, you are going to have to purchase a new knew knife which might turn out to be an expensive investment.

6. You don’t clean your oven regularly

The oven is the place which is going to accumulate a significant amount of grease every time you use it. This is mainly due to the fact that almost every dish you are going to cook would include oil. This is why you need to make sure that you clean the inside of the oven as well as the outside at least as regularly.

clean your oven regularly

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7. You don’t clean your reusable grocery bags

This is something that the majority of people fail at doing. Cleaning your reusable grocery bags is absolutely necessary as every time you carry grocery in them they are going to be filled with residual bacteria that have to be taken care of. With this in mind, failing to do so might cause some potential complications.

8. You never clean the dishwasher door on the inside

The presumption is that the dishwasher is cleaning itself as it is, after all, a dishwasher. Well, these machines are designed to clean the dishes – not their interior. That’s why the cleaning streams inside are directed towards the core of the dishwasher instead towards its sides and you have to clean the door if you want to prevent spread of bacteria.

clean the dishwasher door1

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9. You clean your floor first

You should absolutely avoid cleaning your floor first. This is a rooky mistake. Make sure that you are through with everything else as all the dust is going to fall off once again and it’s going to be as if you never cleaned the floor in the first place.

clean your floor first

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10. You haven’t soaped your water-filtering pitcher

This is absolutely essential if your vacuum cleaner uses a water filter. Residual water can grow to become mould which is going to cause harmful effect on your entire residential environment. This is without a doubt something that you want to avoid.

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