best green life ceramic cookware reviews – healthy cookware

May I just start this saying I absolutely love Green Life products? In today’s world it’s important to be environmentally-conscious and use products that won’t harm the environment and Green Life delivers that without sacrificing the quality of their cookware. What’s better than protecting your and your family’s health by using healthier cooking alternatives AND […]

Make use of your microwave

Nowadays, the microwave is an essential machine of almost all family. However, there is a fact that that not many people know how to make use of it. Microwaves are not only used with the food warming function. If you take advantage of the microwave properly, it not only gives you the delicious food but […]

What you need to know about your juicer

To get much juice, you need to choose the right kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is also in order to ensure the quality of the juice. In this article, we would advise you to choose some fruits and vegetables suitable for making juice by the juicer. 1. Selection of appropriate vegetables and fruits The […]

Discover the unexpected uses of hand blender

Hand Blender is a familiar friend of many housewives. This versatile instrument can help you make many simple dishes in a very short time. In this article, we will introduce you some unexpected uses of this machine.Let’s discover what they are! 1. Make pancakes in less than 5 minutes When you buy a hand blender, […]

9 common mistakes when using a blender

Nowadays, blender is indispensable in a modern kitchen. However, when using this kitchen equipment, you may have made some mistakes and made it operate inefficiently so it can be quickly damaged. Let’s see how many of them that you have encountered. 1. Do not wash the machine immediately after using After grinding, you often do […]

Which is the best oven for your kitchen?

Toasters, glass oven, or electric grill, which is the best choice of the oven for your family? The list below will give you the pros and cons of various types of oven. Especially, we are glad to provide you a few good tips for using the oven. Let’s begin to read it! 1. Toasters Toasters […]

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